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Universal Access Project

The Universal Access Project (UAP) is an ambitious ICT project which seeks to enhance access to telecommunications services in areas that are not adequately serviced by existing service providers. Supported by the Vanuatu Government, with assistance from the Government of Australia through Ausaid, the UAP process nominated a number of remote and regional areas as sites that would benefit from the installation of a telecommunications hub or “Telecentre”.

Incite was selected to implement the first telecentre through a competitive tendering process held by the project sponsor, the Telecommunications and Radiocommunications Regulator (TRR). Rensarie on Malekula was selected as the home of the first telecentre which opened its doors in September 2011. This solar powered centre features a range of ICT facilities including computers, internet access, printers and audio visual equipment. The Rensarie Telecentre has been a great success, providing ICT training to over 100 people from the local area and a range of additional benefits in the education, health and agricultural sectors.

Incite has greatly appreciated the opportunity to work with both the TRR and the Vanuatu Government on this project. It is hoped that this will be the first of many telecentre projects to broaden the reach of ICT services in Vanuatu.

Mobile phone Signal tower cell site of Digital 4G Antenna blue color tone for high technology

Hi-speed Wireless Link

Incite recently installed a high speed wireless link between Origin’s depot and new main office.  Based in the Port Vila CBD, these two locations were separated by 150m and another property, so a cable link was not possible. A wireless link was the perfect solution. Links such as these are high speed, low cost, and can be achieved over many kilometres. Contact Incite to see whether a wireless solution might work for your business.

Broadcasting live event with video camera

Vanuatu Broadcast and Television Corporation

Incite was contracted by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) to provide ICT infrastructure and training to the Vanuatu Broadcast and Television Corporation (VBTC). This project formed part of the broader ‘Vois Blong Yumi’ project and saw VBTC staff provided with new ICT equipment, broadcast industry software and training.

Incite staff worked together with their VBTC counterparts to ensure that the equipment rollout and training went smoothly. We look forward to continuing a productive relationship with the Vanuatu broadcast industry.

vanuatu telephone

Iririki Telephone System

Incite recently installed a 150 phone PABX on Iririki Island. This hybrid digital/analogue system provided a solution that was both state-of-the-art and cost effective.

The days of old telephone systems are numbered as telecommunications service providers opt for the use of fully digital ‘VOIP’ telephone systems. This can create issues for organisations which have previously spent large amounts installing and implementing analogue phone systems. A hybrid digital/analogue solution can provide the best of both worlds, allowing users to continue to benefit from their existing analogue infrastructure whilst introducing a scalable digital solution in expansion areas.